כָּנַס(b. h.; v. כּוֹס I) 1) to collect, gather; to cover, shelter, bring home. B. Kam.VI, 1 הכּוֹנס צאן לדיר he who takes the flock into the stall; a. fr.כ׳ משקה to absorb liquids through pores, opp. to הוציא to let liquids escape through pores. Nidd.49a יביא … אם כָּנְסָהוכ׳ get a tub full of water and put the pot in, if it draws water Kel. X, 8 היו בכוֹנֵס משקח (sub. נקובין) if the vessels were so porous as to be called absorbers of liquids. Nidd. l. c. כיצד … לידע אם ניקב בכונס משקה how do we examine to find out whether a vessel is porous to the extent of absorbing liquids? (v. supra); a. fr.Esp. to take a woman home, to consummate a marriage by conducting a woman to ones house, to wed, v. אֵירוּסִין a. נִישּׂוּאִין. Keth.3b וברביעי כּוֹנְסָהּ and on the fourth day of the week he weds her. Ib. ומסכנה ואילך נהגו … לִכְנוֹסוכ׳ and from the days of persecution … the people adopted the custom to wed on the third day; … ובשני לא יִכְנוֹס but on the second day one must not marry. Y.Yeb.IV, 6b כְּנָסָהּ ולאוכ׳ he took her to his home but did not touch her ; a. fr.Part. pass. כְּנוּסָה. Y.Sot.II, 18b top שומרת יבםוכ׳ neither while waiting for the yabam nor after having been taken to his house. 2) (of a sore) (to gather, to grow smaller, to contract, opp. פשה. Neg. IV, 7; Tosef. ib. II, 6; Sifra Thazr., Neg., Par. 2, ch. 2; a. e. 3) (archit.) to recede, to form a settle or recess in a wall. Midd. III, 1 עלה אמהוכ׳ אמה (the altar) rose one cubit and then receded one cubit; Men.97b.Y.Erub.VII, 24b bot. (of an inclined plane) עולה אמה וכוֹנֵס שלש it rises vertically one cubit, while the incline measures three cubits, v. כִּיבּוּש.Part. pass. כָּנוּס, f. כְּנוּסָה. Tosef.Erub.I, 10 כותל שצידו אחד כ׳ מחבירווכ׳ a wall which is more receding on one side than on the other, either the inner wall being even ; Erub.9b; 15a; (Y. ib. 19b top כותל הנכנס). Y.Succ.I, 52a אפי׳ כנוסה כמה even if the reduction be ever so large. Nif. נִכְנַס 1) to be brought in, to enter, opp. יצא; to assemble, meet. Erub. 65a, v. סוֹד. Ib. 15b נ׳ ויוצא is easily passed in and out. Kel. IX, 7 מלא … נ׳ when a piece of the size … can be passed, לא נ׳ when it cannot pass (exactly fitting in). Y.Erub.I, 18c bot. אין … לִיכָּנֵסוכ׳ it is not the habit of man to enter through one door and leave through another.Ḥull.3a, a. fr. יוצא ונ׳ superintending by going in and out. Sabb.137b כשםשנ׳ … יִכָּנסוכ׳ as he (the child) has been entered into the covenant, so may he be introduced to the study of the Law Snh.101a נִכְנְסוּ תלמידיווכ׳ his pupils came together to visit him. Tosef.Ber.VII (VI), 19, a. e. לא יִכָּנֵס אדם להרוכ׳ one must not enter the Temple mount Meg.I, 3 מקום שנִכְנָסִיןוכ׳ a place where the country people are in the habit of assembling on Mondays ; a. fr. 2) to form a recess or settle. Y.Erub.I, 19b top, v. supra. 3) to be married, v. supra. Y.Yeb.IV, 6b הִיכָּנְסִיוכ׳ be my wife and raise thy sisters children; Koh. R. to IX, 9; a. fr. Pi. כִּינֵּס to gather, collect. Tosef.Ber.VII (VI), 24 בשעת המְכַנְּסִין … כַּנֵּס when people collect (learning), scatter, when they scatter (are indifferent), gather in (withdraw); v. בְּדַר; Ber.63a המכניסים (read: המְכַנְּ׳, v. Rabb. D. S. a. l. note 9). Ex. R. s. 17, beg. שכִּינְּסָן מעל הארץ which (waters) he gathered from upon the land. Deut. R. s. 3 כִּינְּסָה את בניה she assembled her children; a. fr.Part. pass. מְכוּנָּס, f. מְכוּנֶּסֶת; pl. מְכוּנָּסִין, מְכוּנָּסוֹת. Erub.21a (מים) מ׳ collected water, opp. מים חיים. Midr. Till. to Ps. 70 הרי הצאן מכ׳ the flock is gathered again. Neg. IV, 3 במ׳ when the hairs on the leprous spot are close together, opp. מפוזר; a. fr. Hif. הִכְנִיס to bring in, to lay in, store up; to introduce, pass; to initiate. Lev. R. s. 9 הִכְנִיסוֹ לביתו he invited him to his house. Ex. R. s. 20 אם אני מַכְנִיסָןוכ׳ if I lead them now into the land. Ib. ה׳ יינווכ׳ he stored his wine in the cellar. Men.97a ומכניס קנהוכ׳ and passes a tube under it. Sabb.118b ה׳ ידווכ׳ put his hand under his belt. Ib. מַכְנִיסֵי שבת who usher the Sabbath in (with prayer). Ib. 137b להַכְנִיסוֹ בבריתווכ׳ to initiate him into the covenant (v. supra). Y.Yeb.I, 3a bot. הרי אתם מַכְנִיסִין ראשיוכ׳ you want me to put my head between two great mountains. Mekh. Bshall., Shir., s.6 לא מוציא ולא מַכְנִיס neither lets escape nor receives, v. נוֹד; a. fr. Hithpa. הִתְכַּנֵּס, Nithpa. נִתְכַּנֵּס 1) to assemble, meet, be reunited. Taan.27b מִתְכַּנְּסִין לבה״כ meet at the synagogue. Gen. R. s. 39, a. e. אם מתכנסין כלוכ׳ if all human beings were to join for creating ; Cant. R. to I, 3 מִתְכַּנְּשִׁין. Mekh. Bshall.s.6 אין הגליות מִתְכַּנְּסוֹתוכ׳ the diaspora will be reunited only as a reward for faith; a. fr.Gen. R. s. 12, beg. מתכנסין ויוצאין; (Koh. R. to II, 12 נכנסין) they go in and out. 2) to gather, become closer (v. supra). Neg. I, 6 נִתְכַּנְּסָה the sore gathered.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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